Huge Increase In Scam Texts – Don’t Be A Victim

Taxpayers should be aware of the recent increase in IRS-themed texting scams aimed at stealing personal and financial information. In the last few months, the IRS reports that “smishing” has reached an industrial scale and multiple large-scale smishing campaigns have delivered hundreds of thousands of IRS-themed messages in hours or a few days, far exceeding previous levels of activity.

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IRS Plans On Targeting Abusive ERTC Claims

Have you seen those ads on television or received email solicitations promoting a large tax credit? The large tax credit they are referring to is the employee retention tax credit (ERTC). You should be cautious that you legitimately qualify for the credit as the IRS is on the lookout for abuses.

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Inflation Reduces Income Tax

As the country emerges from the COVID pandemic and supply chain issues, along with the fallout from the war in Ukraine, the country has been experiencing high inflation rates that negatively impact the cost of everyday living, including food, gas for your vehicle, utilities and more. But there is one shining light: tax-related inflation adjustments that will benefit most taxpayers.

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