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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is a broad term that comprises different aspects like investigative approach and auditing to carry out an examination of the financial mishaps of an organization. Specifically, forensic accountants use accounting and analytical skills to investigate the financial transactions of an individual or organization.

Relied upon as experts in legal cases that deal with financial fraud or embezzlement, forensic accountants are quite often considered accounting pathologists.

Forensic accounting is also referred to as forensic audit and it is different from financial audit in that it is not mandatory and its need is triggered by an event such as:

  • Insurance Disputes
  • Frauds
  • Money Laundering
  • Financial disputes between organizations and individuals
  • Other corporate civil and criminal investigations

We are trusted business advisers and certified public accountants based in Woodbridge, Virginia, and provide a broad range of financial services including forensic auditing. We at JS Morlu not only investigate the source of the fraud but help decrease the likelihood of recurrence.

Types Of Forensic Accounting Services

If you are looking to hire forensic accounting experts with intensive experience and professional competence in Virginia, we got your back! Our broad array of forensic accounting services include and not limited to:

  • Dispute Settlements
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Financial Crime Litigation Support
  • Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

Dispute Settlements

Disputes with employees, receivables, suppliers and other stakeholders are inevitable and can disrupt your business operations. Forensic experts at JS Morlu can effectively tackle these disputes for you and let you focus on the bigger picture.

Sometimes it is better to keep disputes out of court to avoid significant fines and at times you need to seek legal support. In either case, if you have the data and story to tell, you effectively fall into the win-win situation. Our forensic accountants can thoroughly investigate your dispute crafting a detailed and helpful game plan that you need to avoid fines, or claim what you rightfully deserve.

Here are some business disputes that frequently end in commercial litigation:

  • Partnership Disputes: examples include disagreements over profit distribution or the decision to take rights to a product upon the cessation of the partnership.
  • Employment Disputes: examples include racial discrimination disputes, whistleblowers and retaliation claims, wrongful terminations, wage and hour disputes, and other employment related disputes.
  • Contract Disputes: when a person or a company breaches a contract, they are essentially failing to honor their end of the agreement. These disputes sometimes inherently exist in the nature of the binding contract itself and that’s when you need a legal expert with you while signing agreements.

JS Morlu can help resolve or mediate business disputes since we have forensic accounting experts who excel in flipping the coin in favor of their clients. Our range of services in business disputes far outweigh the above list and we can settle any business dispute that may threaten your money and reputation.

Insurance Disputes

We have seen a huge boom in insurance in the past couple of decades and insurance disputes are inevitable since much of the disputes are inherent in the process of claiming your insurance back or paying insurance to your client. JS Morlu can help investigate the following provisions in an insurance contract subject to legal dispute:

  • Incontestability Clauses
  • Appraisal Clause
  • Co-Insurance Clause
  • Anti-Lapse Clauses
  • Notice of Claims
  • Duty to preserve Clause
  • Multi Coverage Clause
  • Preserve Evidence
  • Dispute Clause

Winning an insurance dispute is not an easy task especially if you do not have complete information of the underlying dispute. The experts at JS Morlu ensure their clients receive the full-fledged amount from the insurance company or avoid fake or fraudulent insurance claims initiated by your clients.

Financial Crime Litigation Support

Corporate disputes have been increasing contentious and challenging to solve. Specifically, white-collar disputes as opportunistic fraudsters become sophisticated in the changing business environment. Investigating these sophisticated & calculated financial crimes need intensive field experience and law expertise to solve.

Our Forensic and Financial Crime Litigation Support is headed by a partner, who is a seasoned lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in conducting forensic investigations and litigation support. Our Due Diligence Team is composed of lawyers, qualified accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) issued by ACFE, Certified in Financial Forensic (CFF) issued by AICPA, and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS) issued by ACAMS.

In essence, we can investigate any type of financial crime that may have happened in your organization giving you the full insights of the event and precautions that you should implement in order to prevent such incidents in future.

Financial crimes can seriously damage and deteriorate the reputation of an organization and JS Morlu’s forensic professionals make sure to remove these obstacles and let you grow without worrying about the legal issues and repercussions.

Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

It does not matter if it is in the placement, layering or integration phase, the important thing is to investigate money laundering thoroughly preventing the damage that it may cause to your reputation and goodwill.

Money Laundering is normally done delicately by white-collar professionals and it is roughly impossible to detect or prevent money laundering without having the counter professional excellence and expertise.

At JS Morlu, our forensic accounting team has extensive academic and field experience required to tackle such complicated matters and craft robust procedures that help detect and prevent money laundering.

As per the united nation’s survey, roughly $2 trillion are laundered every year. If you suspect money laundering in your organization, we can initiate an investigation extracting every information that you require to help detect the personnel involved and ultimately guiding you in placing robust preventive measures.

Forensic Accounting Services in Virginia

Based in Virginia, our Forensic Accounting Practice is uniquely positioned to support our clients in protecting corporate assets from fraudulent schemes. Increasing globalization has heightened the need for domestic governments, foreign donors and business entities to ensure that funds and processes are not compromised through fraudulent schemes.

At JS Morlu, our Forensic Service Practice assists our clients in conducting time sensitive, confidential and specialized forensic investigations and litigation support including compiling evidence and testifying in court.

Being fully compliant with the American Institute of CPAs Peer Review Program and equipped with experienced professionals with local and international exposure, we have what it takes to investigate complicated financial issues. Our forensic accountants have been successfully rendering their services within and outside Virginia.

Although forensic accounting is itself a complicated accounting practice, we at JS Morlu simplify the procedure for our clients and have rigorous forensic accounting team. We primarily offer the following forensic accounting services in Virginia:

  • Dispute Settlements
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Litigation Support

Our forensic services extend beyond the list and we can help you from simpler forensic needs such as due diligence and employment disputes to advanced business issues like money laundering and white-collar fraud investigations that will effectively save your costs, time and goodwill.

Interested in hiring forensic accounting experts in Virginia? We would love to listen to your story and help you with your legal needs. JS Morlu values its clients’ needs and take pride in serving what we are best at.