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Study shows that nearly 80 percent of financial statements prepared by small businesses are inaccurate. Taking control of the accounting function in your business is no easy task. Accounting is so difficult and important that it is now a requirement that to even sit for the CPA exam, a person must have a Masters degree. Generally, Accepted Accounting Principles and other industry standards need to be meticulously followed in order to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies, lenders, insurers, and investors. As your business begins to grow, additional regulations are imposed, making it beneficial to build a relationship with a qualified accountant early on. JS Morlu has been working with a wide variety of businesses at all stages in the growth process, providing an array of accounting services to ensure accurate financial and tax reporting.

What Accounting Services Does JS Morlu Offer?

JS Morlu offers a wide range of services to fit all your business accounting needs. We tailor our service package to fit your needs, ensuring you are completely satisfied with the value provided. No accounting service is outside our expertise and knowledge, making us your trusted accounting expert. Among the list of services we offer include:

Outsourced CFO

Whether you are struggling to find a replacement CFO or your business has grown to a point where a CFO is necessary, we can fill that position with our outsourced CFO services. Making financial decisions, controlling the accounting function and ensuing compliance with regulatory agencies are among the list of duties included in our outsourced CFO services. Having a trusted fractional CFO can contribute to steady business growth all while keeping a mounting list of tasks off your to-do list.

Accounting System Setup

Starting a new company or transitioning to a new software program all require an accounting system setup. Setting up your chart of accounts and financial statements properly minimizes the risk of errors and mistakes down the road. JS Morlu has helped dozens of clients set up a wide variety of different accounting systems, promoting solid accounting policies and procedures. From government contractors to small businesses, we have the experience to assist with your new accounting system setup.

General Ledger Accounting

The general ledger in your accounting system defines how the accounting function will run. Too many accounts can lead to inaccurate account classifications while too few accounts result in misstatements on the financials and tax return. Your business size and industry will determine the general ledger account types and volume you will need. JS Morlu can work alongside you to determine your business’s specific needs to generate a beneficial general ledger system. In addition, we can help you maintain your general ledger, producing accurate financial statements and reports.

DCAA/Audit Readiness & Audit Support

Securing government contracts comes with many different benefits, but it also subjects your business to specific regulations and accounting that needs to be precisely followed. Government contractors must use an approved accounting system and maintain effective controls over the invoicing and billing function. The government frequently audits these areas, calling on the need for DCAA audit readiness and audit support. DCAA compliance accounting with JS Morlu can provide assurance that your business is following the proper standards and ensures you are fully prepared in the event of a DCAA audit.

Payroll Integration with Accounting Software

Adding on new employees can be exciting as it means your business is growing; however, paying these employees presents a whole new set of issues. Wages paid to employees need to have the proper withholding and follow a precise schedule, leading to payroll integration with accounting software to be in your best interest. Whether you are having payroll prepared by a third party or in-house, integration with your accounting software is needed to properly record expenses. Inaccurate recording of payroll wages leads to mistakes in W-2s and missed business deductions, calling on the need for an expert like JS Morlu assisting you.

Why JS Morlu?

JS Morlu has the knowledge your business needs to properly handle accounting related issues. Our comprehensive list of services guarantees that we can provide value to your business through our accounting services. In addition, our team stays current on all laws and regulations that directly impact your business through continuing education courses and seminars. Our commitment to staying informed gives you assurance that our accounting services are performed in compliance with industry and professional standards.

Not only are we on top of industry regulations, but we also have a strong track record of helping clients on a wide variety of accounting issues. The team at JS Morlu goes above and beyond to help with the accounting function in your business. From sitting in as a fractional CFO to guiding you along a new accounting system setup, JS Morlu understands the steps necessary to make the entire process flow smoothly.

What if I’m Not Located in Virginia?

Although we mainly provided accounting services in Virginia and the Washington DC  Metro Area, that doesn’t mean we can’t assist you remotely. Our firm retains the highest level of technology to offer you full service packages, just remotely. We pride ourselves on offering consistent, high-level services to fully fit your business needs regardless of location. Whether you are located in Woodbridge, Virginia or across the country, we can still be your trusted accounting expert.

What are the Benefits of Working with JS Morlu?

Working with a qualified accountant, like JS Morlu, presents a wide variety of different benefits for your business. First, accurate and timely accounting services leads to business growth. When you have full control over your accounting function, you are able to make more informed business decisions, which ultimately promotes business growth. In addition, having JS Morlu take over certain accounting services can free up time in your busy schedule. This gives you the ability to work on other important tasks in your business.

Next Steps

JS Morlu’s client testimonials speak for themselves with dozens of happy clients. All businesses need accounting services provided by a qualified accountant to reach full growth potential and free up critical time in your busy schedule. Don’t wait until accounting tasks become overwhelming in your business. Reach out to the team at JS Morlu today to get started putting together a customized accounting service package tailored to your business needs, and be confident that your financial statements are accurate, complete, and up to date.