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Business Registration

Business registration is a critical component of starting any successful business. Each business you start needs to be properly registered with regulatory agencies to stay in compliance. Without proper registration, your business can face stiff fines and penalties or even be shut down, causing major issues. To mitigate any risk in the business registration process, reach out to the experts at JS Morlu. Our team understands how to properly set up each business type, ensuring accuracy and full compliance when it comes time to register your new business, and to remain in compliance.

What is Business Registration?

Business registration involves registering with federal and state agencies and forming a legal business. Depending on your business type and activity, you may be required to register in multiple different states. The business registration process protects your company name from being used by other businesses, making it important to file accurately and timely. In addition, once your business is registered, you can begin properly engaging in financial and tax reporting in compliance with regulatory agencies. Moreover, the business registration process involves multiple different steps that need to be completed in a particular order, calling on the need for an expert, like JS Morlu, working alongside you.

What Services Does JS Morlu Offer?

JS Morlu offers services designed to complete every step in the business registration process, from initial name filing to registering in different states. The accuracy and timeliness JS Morlu provides to you is unmatched, allowing your business to get up and running in no time. Our services expand beyond this list as we are driven to meet every need of our clients. For more information or to put together a personalized service package, reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members today. Among the list of business registration services we frequently provide include:

Business Name Registration

The first step when it comes to registering your business is deciding and registering your business name. Your business name will be a unique and original, with the IRS nixing multiple companies operating under the same business name. As a registered agent, JS Morlu can work with you throughout the business name registration process, from start to finish. Once you have decided on a business name, it will be critical to submit the forms timely to secure the name.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

Deciding on the right business structure for your entrepreneurial idea can be a tricky situation. One of the most common small business registration types is a sole proprietorship. Sole proprietorships report income on the individual return and as a result don’t need as in-depth of a business registration compared to corporations. Business owners frequently use their social security number as the business identifying number, taking out multiple steps. JS Morlu understands which steps are necessary for sole proprietorship registration, allowing us to efficiently register your business all while remaining cost-effective.

Corporation Registration

Unlike sole proprietorship registrations, corporate registrations are subject to detailed regulations. Corporations are a legally separate entity compared to the owners, calling on the need to go through multiple different registration steps. Our registered agent services are designed to walk you through each step of the corporation registration process, from registering your business name to applying for a federal entity identification number. In addition, when your business grows to the point of going public, JS Morlu can serve as your incorporation registered agent, allowing you to be in complete compliance with the SEC.

LLC Registration

In between a sole proprietorship and corporation is an LLC. As an LLC registered agent, JS Morlu can advise you in which steps are necessary to remain in compliance with regulatory agencies. We can help you file your articles of incorporation and other key documents to get your LLC up and running. These documents need to be filed with the federal and state government in order to properly file your annual business tax return and reduce the risk of partner disputes.

Trademark Business Name

Trademarking your business name is another critical step of business registration. This ensures that no other business can take your name, giving you exclusive advertising and marketing rights. If you are planning on growing your business into a large enterprise, trademarking your business name will be especially important. JS Morlu understands the proper filing technique to trademark your business name, making us an asset to have on your side.

New Business Registration

Registering a new business often involves a majority of these services. Our new business registration service package includes everything from initial name registration to registering for sales tax in certain states. Many new businesses lean towards this comprehensive package to make sure everything is set up accurately from the beginning. The team at JS Morlu can put together a new business registration service package based on your business needs.

EIN Application

Almost all businesses will need to complete an EIN application during the registration process. The EIN is a unique number assessed by the federal government that your business will use on all correspondence with the IRS, including filing the annual tax return, payroll documents and sales tax. The IRS can take weeks to process your EIN application and even longer if there are mistakes or missing information. With JS Morlu assisting you throughout the EIN application process, your business can see increased processing speeds when the information is remitted properly the first time.

State Registration

Equally as important as federal registration is registering with your state. Some businesses choose to incorporate in a state that is different than their primary business home, making it important to understand when these situations arise. The team at JS Morlu can properly register your business in the most advantageous state, giving you access to added benefits. In addition, we can process state registrations as your business begins expanding into new territories.

Sales Tax Registration

Sales tax registration is a critical component of running a successful business. Your business may be required to file and pay sales tax in each state that business is conducted, even if you don’t have a physical business there. JS Morlu comprehends when state sales tax nexus is triggered, allowing your business to remain in compliance with state authoritative bodies. We are knowledgeable about filing in each different state, giving you peace-of-mind that the sales tax registration process is completed with the highest level of accuracy.

Payroll Registration

Adding on the first employees to your new business is an exciting process, but there are payroll registration tasks that need to be completed. Registering for business tax withholding with federal and state governments is necessary to properly remit taxes. In addition, your business will need to set up an online federal and state unemployment account to file quarterly reports. JS Morlu completes payroll registrations on a regular basis, fully understanding the ins and outs of what needs to be completed.

Initial Public Offering Registration

Companies looking to go public by offering shares of stock need to comply with specified criteria laid out by the IRS and SEC. These requirements need to be followed precisely in order to avoid any fines and penalties and give your business the best chance of securing much needed funding. The team at JS Morlu is knowledgeable on the different requirements your business needs to follow. We can help you stay in compliance with the IRS and SEC to give your business access to the benefits a public offering can provide.

Financial Statement Projections

Many new businesses will need to secure funding from different sources, such as angel investors, private investors, and financial institutions. Each of these investor categories will require financial statement projections to validate your growth potential. Business registration services with JS Morlu goes beyond filling out basic information with regulatory agencies. Instead, we offer a comprehensive service package to fit all your business needs, from securing funds to get your business up and running.

What Information Do I Need to Register My Business?

You will need basic information in order to start the business registration process. First, you will need to know your entity selection. Many new businesses lean towards a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC setup because of the ease and cost-effectiveness. However, the benefits of a partnership and corporation selections should not be overlooked. If you are having trouble deciding on the right structure, reach out to JS Morlu. The team can walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each. After you have your entity selection, you will need information on the ownership structure with identifying numbers, such as a social security number. Additional information will be needed throughout the process depending on how in-depth your business registration will be. For example, a small business with minimal sales will not need to complete registrations in multiple different states while a large enterprise would.

Why is Business Registration Important?

Business registration is important for all businesses regardless of business size. When you don’t register your business properly from inception, you risk high fines and penalties from the IRS and other regulatory agencies. In addition, certain business forms that dictate taxation methods need to be filed before year end, meaning you will need the registration process already completed. Common forms include choosing your accounting method and making the s-corporation election. These forms need to be filed timely to avoid paying higher taxes. Moreover, your business will be able to grow faster with a solid business registration through easily securing additional capital.

What Makes JS Morlu Qualified?

JS Morlu remains qualified for a wide variety of reasons, from extensive experience to an abundance of knowledge. We’ve helped clients in a wide variety of industries take their business from an idea to a legally recognized entity. In addition to the general mom and pop shop, we frequently assist government contractors and nonprofits follow specified industry business registration standards. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to research anything and everything related to business registration for your specific industry, allowing us to provide you with an efficient and accurate set up process.

Although our primary service is business registration in Virginia, we assist clients worldwide. JS Morlu retains knowledge of international taxation, which is critical for businesses looking to have a global presence. Our knowledge and experience expand beyond business registration. The team at JS Morlu has consulting and tax filing abilities, giving you the tools needed to navigate every aspect of the business world with JS Morlu working alongside you.

Next Steps

Whether you have already begun the business registration process or are still in the brainstorming phase, the team at JS Morlu can help ease the burden of meticulously following all registration requirements. If you don’t see a business registration service listed above, reach out to a team member to discuss your situation and put together a customized service package. Reach out to JS Morlu today to get started.