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Business Process Improvements

Business process improvement is one of the most important factors of continual growth and improvement in a business. All organizations search to minimize inefficiencies and maximize profit or growth. From production to shipping, there are countless processes present in day-to-day operations that not only have importance as individual processes, but also interact with other aspects of company processes. Business process improvement, or BPI, is a procedure which aims to transform processes in a drastic way and in turn improve efficiency, minimize friction between processes, and eliminate waste from one process to another.

Tackling business process improvement without the support of experienced consultants can be a complex task. In order to ensure processes are being analyzed and optimized to their fullest extent, many businesses opt to outsource additional consultants or analysts to aid in their BPI techniques. JS Morlu can be the expert consultant you turn to when tough decisions in business process improvement arise.

What is Business Process Improvement?

Business process improvement, also known as BPI or continuous improvement, is the management practice of continuously identifying, analyzing, and evolving business processes within an organization to optimize efficiency. The goal of BPI is to encourage smoother procedures and overall workflow amongst employees or company divisions in order to drive growth. One key aspect of business process improvement is the continual evolution of business practices. Without a regimented schedule for process analysis, businesses can fall behind on efficiency.

Continuous business improvement is driven by the proactive goal of identifying, evaluating, and improving the process structure of an organization. Business process improvement is meant to eliminate inefficiencies before they become an issue for the company. In certain situations, continuous business improvement is sparked by a collection of negative events or a complaint from a customer. In these cases, business process improvement is essential for maintaining a stable workflow and output level. Additionally, business process improvement continuously ensures executives and managers that their organization is being optimized to its fullest potential as well as proactively seeking process improvements to grow the organization.

What Services Does JS Morlu Offer?

Business process improvement with JS Morlu is not limited to any specific area of an organization. Instead, BPI is designed to analyze every single process in the business and pose the question, “Is this process the best that it can be?” Continuous process improvement can be broken down into three segments: operational, management, finance, and support. JS Morlu offers the following business process improvement service categories including:

Operational Business Process Improvement

Involves analyzing the daily processes utilized the most for a business to operate. Examples of operational processes that are refined in BPI practices include manufacturing, logistics, or reporting. Operational processes are the lifeblood of a business operation, so it is crucial for managers to be constantly monitoring processes.

Management Business Process Improvement

Focuses on the human resources element of an organization as well as budgeting and corporate management. Part of management BPI is analyzing employee performance and skillsets. Some processes may be improved by introducing a new skill set or training to an employee. When managers practice management business processes they evaluate and correct employee processes or financial processes.

Supporting Business Process Improvement

Includes all other tasks and processes not categorized as operational, finance, or management. These processes could include hiring processes for prospective employees or technology support departments and the protocols involved with supporting an organization’s technology.

What Methodologies Does JS Morlu Implement?

Within business process improvement, a variety of different methodologies can be employed to drive process refinement. Organizations use different methodologies based on the change they wish to see in their processes, but each methodology has been proven to help reduce inefficiencies if used in the right manner. JS Morlu implements the following methodologies into our business process improvement services including:

Six Sigma Methodology

Developed in 1986 by engineer and Motorola employee Bill Smith, six sigma methodology is geared toward production processes and aims to limit variations and promote consistency. Limiting defects and promoting consistency ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction with an organization.

Six Sigma used the DMAIC process to optimize existing business processes. DMAIC stands for defining the opportunity for improvement, measuring the performance of existing processes, analyzing the process to find the root of the defect, improving the process by resolving the root of the defect, and controlling the process to maintain the improvement in the future.

Lean Manufacturing

Based on the experience of former Toyota manufacturing employees Daniel Jones, James P. Womack, and Danial Roos, lean manufacturing, also referred to as lean production, is a process improvement methodology that focuses on five principles of lean: identify value, value stream mapping, create flow, establish pull, and prompt continuous improvement.

Plan Do Check Act

The Plan Do Check Act cycle, commonly referred to as the PDCA cycle, is a form of problem-solving that requires interaction with processes to identify and promote changes or improvements. Walter Shewhart developed the PDCA cycle by introducing scientific methodologies to production, business process management, and, in turn, quality control. The Plan stage includes deciding on the problem you wish to solve and deciding how to solve it. The Do stage involves testing and implementing the solution to a problem on a small scale. The Check stage reviews how the actions were performed in the previous stage. The Act stage concludes once reviewing the results and includes the final decision on whether the process improvement will be implemented.

Other Common Methodologies

In order to achieve a sustainable growth model, every process within a business should be evaluated regularly to ensure it is performing optimally. From janitorial services to professional services, every process creates value for an organization. In addition, inventory management is a top concern for some organizations. Holding too much inventory or holding inventory for too long can lead to lost profits or writing off products. Furthermore, high quantities of inventory lead to higher inventory costs for businesses to carry. Processes within inventory management can be evaluated and changed in order to minimize the lead time of products.

Business operations should also be continuously checked and updated. Outdated equipment can be one of the largest factors of inefficiency. In order to properly manage outdated equipment managers should identify the value new equipment could bring to the firm and compare it to current operations. Moreover, people matter to a business. In some cases, a process does not need to be changed, but added. Part of adding processes to a business may involve hiring additional employees or reassigning employees to manage the process. Managers should identify the value additional employees will bring to the firm to conclude whether onboarding is the right action for improving workflow and business processes.

What are the Benefits of Business Process Improvement?

Continuous business process improvement is designed to maximize the efficiency and workflow of a business. By proactively managing business processes and successfully implementing process changes managers and owners can promote higher productivity. The overall goal of any business is to grow and without process improvement growth will likely be stagnant or unstable. By managing processes between employees or company divisions, BPI can promote a streamlined workflow as well as stronger internal connections amongst employees. Business process improvement harmonizes productivity in order to operate at full potential for any business. Working with a qualified consultant, like JS Morlu, can help you realize the endless benefits available to your business.

How Do I Know When My Business Processes Need Improvement?

In order to identify areas of improvement companies should be constantly aware of the performance of various processes. By tracking performance managers can see where a bottleneck occurs. A bottleneck in a process is defined as a stage or aspect of a process that limits overall workflow and is a point of congestion in a work process. Processes which are monitored can easily be identified as inefficient if it is prohibiting the workflow of other employees or processes. In some cases, the issue comes to the managers. Whether it is through customer complaints or employee complaints, when a process is not operating optimally and is having a large effect on the business’s operation, it will likely come to the surface. In these cases, the need for improvement is much more dire as the inefficiency was so great that it became a detriment. Working with an independent third party can give you insight into areas that may be underperforming. Working on the day-to-day operations of your business can cause you to miss key areas that need business process improvement, making JS Morlu an asset to have on your side.

What Makes JS Morlu Qualified?

At JS Morlu, we understand that every person’s vision for their finances or their company is different. We also believe that our experts in finance have the knowledge and the experience to get you there. From accounting services to financial management advising, JS Morlu can be your go-to finance experts to help you grow your business and wealth. Our staff includes experts in accounting, taxes, and business advice to represent a one-stop solution to your financial advising needs.

Our knowledge and experience shine through in our countless employee testimonials on the services and benefits we can provide your business. Business owners search for two things; earn more, and work less. While you focus on the day-to-day ins and outs of growing your business, we can help take some of the responsibilities off your plate and allow you to operate your business to its fullest potential.

Next Steps

Getting started working with JS Morlu as your business process improvement consultant is an easy process. Simply reach out to one of our team members today to go over your specific situation and put together a customized service package. Don’t wait until your business is running inefficiently to contact the experts at JS Morlu. Reach out to a team member today.