Payroll Integration with Accounting Software

Adding new employees to your business means more than just another person on the payroll, it highlights your business is growing and may need to reevaluate the current payroll integration with accounting software. Utilizing a payroll software that easily integrates with your accounting system is key to properly record all transactions; however, ensuring everything is properly linked can be a burden for many busy business owners. Luckily, JS Morlu frequently assists clients set up and maintain payroll integration with accounting software programs, freeing up time in your busy schedule.

What is Payroll Integration with Accounting Software?

Payroll integration with accounting software involves syncing your payroll data into your accounting system. Often times this process can be seamless without any work required on your part. Nevertheless, the recording of payroll in your accounting software needs to be consistently reviewed not only for the detection of fraud, but to also minimize mistakes in reporting. Your business is more likely to catch undetected errors by working with a third party, like JS Morlu. Moreover, all accounting programs don’t have a payroll function, which is why we offer our payroll integration services. Those in specified industries, such as contracting, may need a specialized accounting software to keep track of financial information. These accounting software programs often fall short on the payroll side of things and can become a huge challenge when the government auditors come knocking, calling on the need to have a separate payroll software program.

What Software Programs Does JS Morlu Integrate Payroll With?

JS Morlu works with a wide variety of accounting software programs, giving you freedom to choose the program that’s best for your business. Most accounting programs have the capabilities to integrate with payroll software. Choosing the right accounting program for your business can seem overwhelming. The team at JS Morlu can work alongside you to analyze your needs and discover the best fit for your business needs. Among the list of common accounting software programs that JS Morlu integrates payroll with includes:


Quickbooks is a versatile accounting program, allowing users to choose between different tiers based on transaction levels and users. In addition, both a desktop and cloud version are available to be used. Due to the innovative features of Quickbooks, most payroll processing programs can be imported into Quickbooks. JS Morlu is very familiar with the ins and outs of payroll integration with Quickbooks, making us your trusted accounting expert.


Xero focuses more on the financial side of running your business compared to Gusto and Quickbooks. There are limited features for running payroll within the accounting program with the overall emphasis being on the collection and payment processes. However, Xero does have integration capabilities to import payroll from another program. JS Morlu has completed the integration process for multiple different clients, ensuring the data imported is accurate and reliable.


Sage is another general accounting software that includes integration capabilities. Similar to Quickbooks, Sage allows users to process a high level of transactions, including payroll. Despite the payroll processing capabilities, many businesses find added benefits from importing data from a payroll processing software.

What Payroll Processing Software Programs Does JS Morlu Works With?

Once you find the right accounting program for your business, you will need to find a payroll processing software. Small businesses don’t necessarily need a third party to process their payroll. Instead, finding a user-friendly and affordable payroll processing software is suggested. However, if you aren’t comfortable processing your own payroll, JS Morlu can help. We work with our clients to process payroll timely and accurately, keeping employees pleased. Our firm has experience on a wide variety of payroll processing software programs. Among the list of payroll processing software programs that we integrate into accounting systems include:

  • Gusto
  • ADP
  • Paychex Flex
  • Dominion
  • Insperity
  • Surepayroll
  • Payescape
  • Flextax
  • Gem Accounts
  • Deel
  • Rippling
  • Onpay
  • Webhr
  • Employment Hero
  • Elmo Software
  • Push Operations
  • Citrushr
  • Clockon
  • Microkeeper
  • Quickhr
  • Moonworkers
  • Roubler
  • Zenefits
  • Justworks
  • Wagepoint
  • Knit
  • Payroll Panda
  • Payment Evolution
  • Pento
  • Hibob
  • paycom

Most of these payroll software programs import with popular accounting systems, like Quickbooks and Sage. Additionally, new payroll processing software programs are popping up on the market each day. If you don’t see a software program you are interested in on the list, reach out to one of our team members. Odds are we can help you navigate the integration steps needed to have transparency flowing through your accounting system.

What is the Importance of Payroll Integration With Accounting Software?

Payroll integration is a critical component to ensure your financial records are reflecting accurate information. Consistently remembering to integrate your payroll reports into your accounting software is important for a variety of reasons. First of all, salaries and wages along with payroll taxes are a qualifying business expense. If you neglect to import the data into your accounting software, your taxable income could be overstated, resulting in a higher tax bill at year-end. Additionally, having all of your payroll information in your accounting system is key for claiming certain credits, such as the Employee Retention Tax Credit. This credit and others rely on precise payroll information to compute accurate amounts.

What Should I Look for in a Payroll Processing Software?

There are a few different factors you should analyze before deciding on a payroll processing software. The first and most important factor to consider is the integration capabilities. If you are currently using Quickbooks as your accounting system, choosing a payroll processing service that does not integrate with Quickbooks would not be wise. In these cases, you would have to manually enter all information, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Another factor to consider is the features. All payroll processing software programs are not made the same. Some include heightened features, such as the ability to process year-end W-2s and generate quarterly payroll reports. If this is a service you are interested in, be sure the potential software program includes the features.

In addition, cost should be a factor that gets weighed into the decision, especially if you are a small business. The monthly fees for an accounting software and payroll processing program can add up. Finding a payroll processing software that meets your basic needs, but still remains cost effective will be something to look out for. Furthermore, if your business has multiple different employees, it may be beneficial to have access to an employee self-service portal. Select payroll processing software programs include the feature of an employee portal. Access to an employee portal can reduce the volume of questions that are directed your way from employees as they can easily login to their account to view information.

What if I Need a Timeclock?

Businesses that pay employees on an hourly basis may need to utilize a timeclock to effectively keep track of hours. Timeclocks can reduce the risk of inaccurate hour reporting, leading to more accuracy within your payroll function. Some payroll processing software programs have a timeclock feature built in; however, in many cases businesses will need to have another software program run this function. Multiple software programs working together can lead to errors in the integration process, which is why working with JS Morlu is important. We can ensure that all payroll items are flowing together properly to reduce the risk of errors and mistakes, leading to accuracy throughout the accounting function.

Why is JS Morlu Qualified to Handle My Payroll Software Integration?

JS Morlu has been working with clients for over 10 years on payroll integration with accounting software programs. Our skill set has been honed in over the years as we have expanded our knowledge into various different accounting programs and payroll processing softwares. We go above and beyond to meet your integration expectations, providing you with timely access to key data. The team at JS Morlu goes to great lengths to research and implement effective payroll software integration procedures with programs we aren’t familiar with.

New accounting and payroll software programs are constantly coming on the market. The team at JS Morlu stays up to date on the latest options for your business, allowing us to be your payroll integration specialist no matter which software program you choose. In addition to keeping up with the latest software options hitting the market, we offer consulting services to guide you through making the right decision. Having an expert that is knowledgeable in multiple different areas of accounting and payroll software programs is a benefit that JS Morlu can provide to your business.

What Other Areas of Payroll Can JS Morlu Help With?

Since the team at JS Morlu retains a versatile skill set, we can help you with payroll related areas outside of integration with an accounting software. Besides assisting pulling hours and paying employees on a set schedule, we can help your business stay in compliance with reporting guidelines. Certain payroll forms are required to be remitted on a quarterly basis. These tax forms include the 940, 941 and other state requirements. Moreover, if you are paying employees that are working in different states, you may be subject to additional requirements. We understand when additional payroll tax liabilities arise, allowing us to guide you along regulatory compliance.

Another area of payroll that JS Morlu can provide you value is year-end reporting. Year-end payroll reporting is required to be done by January 31st of each year. This includes preparing all W-2s and 1099s. Specific items need to be added to the W-2s, such as personal use of company car and health insurance benefits, calling on the need for a qualified accountant. Without a third party overseeing this function, your business runs the risk of late and inaccurate filings, which can come with costly fines and penalties. Moreover, new 1099 filing requirements were recently issued, creating a 1099-NEC. Certain items need to go on the 1099-NEC and the 1099-MISC, making it important to understand the differences between the two. JS Morlu can assist your business properly record payments on each of these forms, eliminating the confusion.

Next Steps

Payroll integration with accounting software programs goes beyond a simple import. Instead, the data needs to be analyzed for accuracy, making a qualified third party accountant an asset to have on your side. JS Morlu has worked with dozens of clients to effectively and efficiently complete payroll integrations all while maintaining a high level of accuracy throughout the entire process. One mistake could throw off your accounting records for the whole year. To avoid the hassle, reach out to one of the team members at JS Morlu today.