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Accounting System Setup

JS Morlu provides a full range of accounting system setups, from design and install to efficient and effective staff training. We’ve helped numerous clients gain accurate control over their accounting function with a proper system setup, leading to tangible benefits in your business. Let’s go into some details on how we can help your business realize its full potential with our accounting system setup.

Why Does My Business Need an Accounting System?

Once you understand your business’ need for an accounting system, you can start making strides towards implementation. The accounting function is the backbone of most companies, controlling the money coming in and going out. In order to grow your company and generate a profit, you need transparency in income and expenses. Setting up an accounting system is no easy task, as there are rules and tasks that need to be completed precisely to produce accurate data. For example, vendors need to be setup differently than employees and inaccurate setup can lead to errors in payroll and 1099 filings. Other added benefits of an accounting system include:

  • Accurate growth forecasts
  • Timely payments
  • Quicker processing times
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved asset management
  • Access to real-time data
  • Promotes strong business decisions
  • Financial reporting transparency

Who Do We Serve?

JS Morlu does not limit who they are able to serve with setting up an accounting system. Some of our top clients come from nonprofits, government contractors, home healthcare, common interest real estate associations and other businesses. Other businesses can include, but is not limited to, manufacturers, retail, trucking, whole sale distributors, food and beverage and construction industries. JS Morlu works with businesses of all different sizes, from the small mom and pop shop to small and medium size companies. There is no standard setup for all businesses as the setup procedures will vary amongst businesses and industries, making it important to contact JS Morlu. Any and all businesses can benefit from our accounting system setup, especially when the system is tailored to your business needs.

What Can I Expect to Receive?

JS Morlu provides clients with a comprehensive accounting system, going to great lengths to ensure proper and accurate setup. When you place your trust in JS Morlu, you can expect to receive top of the line service and an accounting system tailored to your needs. The full setup and integration of the software will be already taken care of so you can focus on other important areas of your business. Additionally, all rules and procedures will be in place, allowing for swift and quick month-end procedures and report creation. Linking bank accounts, setting up transaction rules, crafting the chart of accounts and activating any services can all be included in your accounting system setup. Technology is great when it works, so avoid the hassle of haggling with your new software and let the experts complete all the work on the backend.

In addition to a fully integrated accounting system, JS Morlu offers clients extensive training on new procedures, giving your team all the tools needed to stay on the same page. Training on seamless integration of bank accounts, month-end procedures, report creation, and general items can all be added on to your accounting system setup package. Staff training is vital to the success of your accounting software. If employees are confused on entering data or recording transactions, it can lead to inaccurate reports that you might be relying on. JS Morlu can help you ensure the data going into the system is correct to produce useful and accurate reports to help you make strong business decisions.

Recommended Software

New software comes on the market daily, making it important to choose the right one for your business. If your business has high levels of inventory, an accounting software that has an inventory tracking component might be something to look into. However, if you are setup as a service company or work primarily from an office, a general software, like QuickBooks, would be sufficient. When analyzing accounting system candidates, you need to take into consideration a variety of different things, such as price, features, accessibility, and scalability. For more in-depth analysis on choosing the right software, visit our blog post. Some of the top software that we recommend to our clients includes:

  • SAGE 50 – A comprehensive software program that can either be used as a desktop version or on the cloud. SAGE 50 allows simple invoicing, cash flow tracking, payroll processing and inventory tracking to give users a comprehensive package.
  • ACCPAC – Formerly known as Sage 300, ACCPAC is an enterprise resource planning application that connects different departments together to reduce silos. ACCPAC focuses on customer service and analytic features rather than strict financial reporting.
  • QuickBooks (Online & Desktop) – One of the most common software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Like Sage 50, QuickBooks gives users the tools needed for all things accounting, from vendor and employee reports to accounts receivable and payable details.
  • Deltek GCS Premier – A system used primarily for government contractors who need to track specific financial information for each job. Deltek GCS Premier includes features cost and financial reporting, making it a top contender for businesses who hold government contracts.
  • Deltek Cost Point – This is a spinoff of Deltek GCS Premier, offering users more in-depth features with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Delktek Cost Point can also be utilized as a time and cost management tracker.
  • Dynamics – Dynamics focuses on customer relationship management to attract new customers and manage existing customers. This software is not designed to handle accounting.
  • Peoplesoft – Like Dynamics, Peoplesoft focuses on the customer and adds overall human resource support. There has been added accounting features, but the primary focus is people management.
  • Crystal Reports (Business Objects/SAP BW) – A system that focuses on attractive report creation for management, lenders, and investors. Crystal Reports takes existing financial information and converts it to eye catching charts and graphs.
  • Oracle Database – The primary focus is on transaction processing. Oracle Database utilizes grid computing to keep track of high amounts of data.
  • Cognos – Cognos gives users the ability to complete high levels of analytical reporting utilizing intelligence technology. This program focuses on analyzing specific aspects of your business.
  • Acumatica – A middle market cloud based financial accounting software with complete ERP functionality for companies who are in the growth stage. This software is simple enough for small companies and comprehensive enough for complex large companies, and include applications such as financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting and distribution management tools.
  • Sage Intact – Also a middle market cloud solution with features more focused specialized accounting features, such as invoicing and labor costing – a significant segment of job costing.
  • Oracle Netsuite –Like Sage Intact and Acumatica, NetSuite is a cloud based middle market software that drives common and repeatable business processes.

How to Choose Between a Cloud and Desktop Accounting Software?

Technology has opened the door for innovation in how software applications are run. Converting to a cloud-based accounting system can lead to benefits for your business, including the ability to access information anywhere, a simple transition to a remote workforce and automatic backup of data. Staffing issues in many companies stem from the inability for a flexible work style, which a cloud-based software can help solve. Additionally, a cloud-based accounting system prevents total data loss as information is backed up automatically without any action needed on your end. However, the desktop version does not run on internet connection, which can also be beneficial. Desktop version also has greater flexibility for configuration to fit your business needs. For more in-depth analysis of choosing the right software setup, reach out to a team member at JS Morlu.

Why Hire JS Morlu?

JS Morlu is the top choice for all your accounting system setup needs. With over 10 years of experience and a fully staffed team of experts, you can be sure that the entire accounting system setup is accurate from start to finish. We have experience in a variety of different accounting systems, from human resources to financial accounting, making us knowledgeable and resourceful to your business. JS Morlu prides themselves on high levels of accuracy and reduced errors, allowing you to fully utilize your new accounting system with minimal hiccups along the way. Additionally, running your business can take up all your time, so pass the burden off to the experts and free up some stress and time in your busy schedule.

JS Morlu isn’t trying to run you dry, which is why we offer competitive pricing to fit your needs. Custom price packages can include employee training, a full system setup and integrated accounts. However, if you don’t feel you need certain items, such as employee training, we can work with you to find a price that benefits both parties. Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the benefits an accounting system can provide for your business.

What if I Need a Complex Accounting System?

There is no set accounting system standard, meaning you will need to find a system that works for your needs. We deal with complex situations all the time with no job being above our capabilities. We have customized QuickBooks/SAGE 50 to be Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and DCAA Audit compliant for multiple clients. Also, we have assisted clients integrate their accounting systems (QuickBooks/SAGE 50) with payroll processing companies including ADP and Paychex to be DCAA compliant. We provide hosted QuickBooks and SAGE 50 solutions at no additional cost to our clients. These are just a few examples of the exemplary services we offer our clients.

Have an enquiry or need help on accounting software solutions? Contact us below to know more.