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There is no one-size-fits-all standards especially with various range of industries involved when it comes to accounting and tax for businesses. Here at JS Morlu, we understand that every business and individual is different, which is why we take an innovative approach by offering multiple different levels of service depending on your industry. All businesses and individuals can benefit from having a qualified accounting and tax professional working alongside them. From tax planning and strategizing to tax return preparation and filing, the team here at JS Morlu has you covered.

Which Industries Do We Serve?

The industries we serve are not limited to this list. Instead, utilize this list as a rough outline, meaning if you don’t see your trade or business here, reach out to one of our team members to walk through different service options tailored to you. Among the industries we frequently work with include:


We provide accounting and tax services to all individuals, regardless of complexity. JS Morlu has knowledge of international taxation, pass-through business income and expenses, and planning for high-net-worth individuals and other individuals who see tax planning as a valuable to confront the future and save on taxes. Whatever the tax or accounting situation that arises, our planning and preparation services will fit your needs. In addition, we work with individuals year-round to make accurate estimated payments and implement tax planning strategies.

Common Interest Real Estate Associations

Our CIRA audit and tax services are designed around your specific associations’ needs. Common benefits of working with JS Morlu include increased property value, saved time, community bonding, well-kept neighborhood appearance, proper fund management, and reduced dues. If any of these benefits sound like something your association needs, reach out to JS Morlu today.

Government Contracting

Government contractors are subject to specific rules and regulations that need to be properly followed to secure future contracts and avoid fines and penalties. JS Morlu works with a wide variety of government contractors in different industries to maintain compliance and grow their businesses through proper controls in the accounting function. We serve all sectors of government contractors.

Home Health Care

Home health care and those in the healthcare industry need to follow proper billing techniques to reduce the risk of government fines and to promote steady cash flow. We not only focus on home health care businesses, but all others in the healthcare industry including group home care, private medical practices, and government healthcare providers. Our service packages can be tailored to meet your healthcare practice needs, so reach out to JS Morlu today for more information.


Nonprofits need an accounting professional not only to keep donors happy, but to also ensure there is no fraud and noncompliance present in the entity. Because of the tax-exempt rules nonprofits follow, it is critical to retain a tax expert like JS Morlu. From financial audits to revamping the internal control procedures, JS Morlu is your trusted advisor. Don’t wait until donors are demanding audited financials or requesting what safeguards you have in place to deter fraud. Contact JS Morlu ahead of time to keep investors and donors pleased.

Why JS Morlu?

JS Morlu has over 10 years of experience working with clients from multiple different industries. When you place your trust in us, you can be assured that we don’t cut corners. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure your every tax and accounting need is met. Not only are we knowledgeable on a wide variety of different topics and industries, but we continue to promote growth through continuing education courses and seminars. Our due diligence to stay on top of new trends and regulations is passed down to you in the form of creative tax planning strategies and full compliance with regulator agencies.

Accounting & Taxation For Various Industries

Going into the next tax season or business year unsure of your accounting or tax situation is never advised. Instead, work with JS Morlu on a regular basis to catch all favorable tax and accounting planning scenarios. More informed business decisions and the promotion of business growth stems from proper accounting controls within your organization. JS Morlu has worked in the background of many successful businesses, giving them the tools necessary to see heightened business growth and improvements in profit. This can be the case for your business too.

Getting Started

Taking the leap of faith and contacting JS Morlu is a simple procedure. Simply call or email one of our team members to schedule a consultation that dives deep into the areas JS Morlu can provide value. Our team of tax, audit and accounting professionals is eager to get started working with you. Whether your goal is to remain in compliance with regulatory bodies or are looking for added business growth, reach out to JS Morlu today.