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Company Culture


We partner with exceptional clients to solve big problems & establish their trustworthiness.


To build an innovative company that brings together exceptional global talent to produce high quality accounting reports. We collaborate with our clients to establish their capabilities & create solutions that help them improve performance.


We Simplify
We Standardize
We Automate
We Integrate



1. Integrity and Accountability

We do what we say we will do, accepting responsibility for our actions and decisions.

2. Innovation

We continuously strive to introduce something better in our business and our clients’.

3. Caring Attitude

We ensure that our clients and staff know that they are valued.

4. Collaboration

We get to know our clients inside and out, and collaborate with them to continuously improve our services.

5. Learning

We take personal responsibility to get knowledge, skills and business acumen through learning.

6. Dedication

We are committed to our clients and colleagues, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

7. Drive Change

We serve our clients through the use of the latest technology and approaches.

8. Humor

We promote humor and positivity in a fun working environment.

9. Nimble

We thrive in uncertainty, and our open to new experiences.

10. Examined Assumptions

We know the difference between an opinion and a fact.

Quality and Ethics

Emphasis on Excellence and Quality

At JS Morlu, LLC, we demand the best. This is why our recruitment process seeks to ensure that only those with the highest level of integrity, competency and commitment to quality work are allowed to join our dynamic international team. Our quality management program is integrated in everything we do, both at the firm and engagement levels.

Our commitment to excellence and quality is further demonstrated by our membership in the following organizations:

Ethics and Compliance

JS Morlu, LLC establishes and maintains policies that guide its employees in strict standards of conduct. Standards of ethics and compliance ensure that the firm’s reputation and the client’s expectations are not diminished.

Our commitment to a strong ethical stance and independence are demonstrated through our membership and continuing ethical training: