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Why Hire A CPA Firm ?

JS Morlu

Why hire a CPA firm? What are the benefits of hiring a CPA firm? Always had these questions in your mind? Well, look no further as JS Morlu is your trusted business advisor and CPA firm based in Woodbridge, VA, servicing a wide variety of tax, consulting and accounting services in Virginia, Washington, D.C. Metro, Maryland and surrounding areas. We also service clients interstate and internationally, on a case by case basis.

We are a diverse team of individuals with different technical skill sets and a common belief of providing excellent service to our customers. As a firm, we aim to take complex financial treatments and distill them to easy to understand everyday language. Simple solutions are often the best solutions.

Our clients range from day to day bookkeeping, accounting matters, financial statement preparation, outsourced CFO services, business advisory services, and dealing with complicated tax issues for companies and individuals alike.

A Brief Overview Of Our CPA Firm’s Clients

With respect to maintaining client confidentiality, we will only mention the industries our clients operate in and the type of work performed:

  • Small businesses – we understand the importance of small business sector to the US economy both in creating jobs as well as creating wealth. But many small businesses struggle with similar issues: better financial management in order to improve cash flow and timely tax preparation. JS Morlu LLC can take care of the bookkeeping, financial statements, financial management, and tax issues, leaving you with more time to focus on improving the business.
  • Government Contracts – working with the Government has the benefits of the abundance of paid work available but the big disadvantage that it requires a large amount of paperwork and using specific accounting treatments in line with the government regulations and best practice. Negligence of these regulatory duties may lead to penalties (even criminal) and fines, as well as reputational damage and the inability to work with the Government in the future. We are experts who have helped many government contractors navigate the government contracting space, such as ensuring that each of our clients have DCAA compliant accounting system.
  • Healthcare and Insurance – we understand the nature of the healthcare industry and the US Governments’ verifications against medical insurance fraud. Therefore, we work with physicians, hospitals, home health agencies and durable medical equipment providers to conduct internal assessments of submitted claims as well as helping them through the audit process. We also set up compliant financial management systems.
  • Subsidiaries of Multinational Firms – large companies which trade in the US tend to be a part of a larger international group with the head office based in foreign jurisdiction. As the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is implemented in the US much more than in other countries, we have helped our clients in the Design and Implementation of Internal Controls as well as Internal Audits and Internal Control Audits. We also provide Financial Statement Audits and Financial Statements in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Why Hire A CPA Firm For Your Accounting & Tax Needs ?

Why hire a CPA firm for your accounting and tax needs? Well, as a business owner, no one knows your business better than you. While you take care of the ins and outs of your business, let the experts at JS Morlu take care of everything else. You can focus your efforts on running your business your way and take out the hassle of the administration and just receive the reports you need to get a better understand and grow your business.

Your efforts are best spent where your expertise is. One of the secrets of successful business owners is that they delegate all tasks which are non-essential, and they effectively create more time in their day to focus on what’s really important for them.

What Makes JS Morlu Different From Other CPA Firms ?

People are inherently the biggest asset of our company, as well as they should be for any consulting business which has people as their main resource. What makes JS Morlu different is that our advisors, financial managers and accountants focus on building relationships. We value each customer and understand the importance of being able to trust your advisor and feel like your concerns are being addressed and your questions are answered.

Within our company culture we celebrate those qualities which make us human: intuition, creative thinking and empathy. Accounting software can generate reports but only a human would be able to use their creativity to solve new problems and their intuition to pursue a new idea, even when the data points elsewhere.

Benefits Of Hiring A CPA Firm Like JS Morlu

Personalized Offering

We understand that our clients are unique. This is why we offer personalized services, and make recommendations for what we believe would be best for your business. Our strategists can suggest multiple routes to follow, giving you the tools to make the decision on what service is right for you.


At JS Morlu, we focus on automating any low risk tasks such as bank reconciliations and we use rule based coding. Even more, we use machine learning to improve our procedures and increase efficiency. This frees up our advisors’ time, allowing them to really focus on the tasks that require expert input. Using automation wherever possible means more free time for our staff to problem solve and think creatively.

Automatic reporting aids in discovering patterns and mapping out trends, giving you, the manager, useful insights into your business. Financial data could provide a much richer picture when processed the right way. And the input of an experienced advisor to see the bigger picture and tie it all together. Our consultants have the financial smarts that software will never have.

JS Morlu’s Promise

By now, your question: why hire a CPA firm would have been answered and you would have understood the benefits of hiring a CPA firm and our promise to each of our clients is reliability and dependability. We aim to deliver on time and with focus on quality.

We commit to preparing work with the precision of robots delivered with the empathy of dealing with a human advisor. We commit to building a long term relationship and to becoming your trusted advisor in any matter related to your company’s accounting, finances, tax or compliance.

Get In Touch

Do you have any issues currently facing your business which could be improved by consulting with a certified public accountant (CPA)? You can get in touch, whether you have a bookkeeping related issue or a more complex accounting, financial management and tax matter to discuss. Our accounting advisors especially accountants for small businesses are always ready to help.

We offer free trials and initial consultations so get in touch today via email on: [email protected]. We aim to offer advice within 1-3 business days.