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Important business decisions pop up regularly for small, large businesses and not for profits, calling on the need for business consulting through a qualified consultant, like JS Morlu. Business consulting covers a wide variety of different situations and scenarios that occur in the ordinary course of business. Making the wrong decision can be costly, which is why many businesses choose to bring on JS Morlu to help them work through the decision-making process.

What Business Consulting Services Does JS Morlu Offer?

JS Morlu offers various consulting and management services, giving your business the tools needed to make more informed business decisions. We offer our clients customized service packages based on your specific needs. In addition, our team of experts are available year-round to perform business consulting when tough decisions come up. Among the list of services we offer include:

Business Process Improvement

Business processes need to be consistently evaluated for productivity and efficiency. When deficiencies arise, it is critical that you understand the steps needed to get your business up and running at peak operational level. JS Morlu retains the knowledge necessary to find these deficiencies in your business and suggest alternative strategies for business process improvement.

Business Registration

Forming a new business or registering with different states is important to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies. JS Morlu has helped various clients understand when nexus is triggered, requiring a business registration in other states. Don’t wait until you receive a letter in the mail requiring you to register, reach out to JS Morlu today.

Business Valuation

When it comes time to sell your business, you want to be sure you are getting a fair price. You might also want to know on a regular basis the value of your company for financial planning purposes, as some instances 80 percent of a business owner’s net worth is tied to your business.  JS Morlu can work with you to understand the value of your business or business sale agreements to ensure the value you are receiving is correct.

Cooperative Agreements

Navigating cooperative agreements can be tricky, especially with specific rules and regulations surrounding the transfer. JS Morlu will work alongside you to ensure the entire process of the cooperative agreement flows smoothly.

Corporate Turnaround & Restructuring

New ownership or lender stipulations may require your corporation to restructure. Finding the right policies and procedures to support the restructure is no easy task, which is why business consulting with JS Morlu is crucial for corporate turnaround and restructuring.

Accounting Data Analytics

Do you know your growth rate each year? How about how much you are spending on supplies or labor? If not, it may be time for accounting data analytics. Accounting data analytics conducted by JS Morlu dives into profitability and efficiency metrics, giving you the ability to properly plan for and track growth.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting conducted by JS Morlu can not only uncover hidden fraud, but we can also utilize investigative skills to fully examine your financial statements and operations.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is a risk every business faces. JS Morlu is knowledgeable on where to look for fraud and asset misappropriation, making us a valuable partner working alongside you.

Grant Management

Applying for and recording grant management needs to be done in a certain way. JS Morlu is your go-to expert throughout the grant management process, giving you peace-of-mind that everything is done accurately.

KPI Development/Dashboarding

Key Performance Indicators, frequently referred to as KPI, gives valuable insight into the operations of your business. Business consulting focused on KPI development and dashboarding leads to business growth through full transparency into your business.

Next Steps

Getting started working with JS Morlu as your business consultant is an easy process. Simply reach out to one of our team members today to get started. Don’t guess your way through important business decisions. Instead, work with JS Morlu as your qualified business consultant.