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A jumble of papers scattered across a weathered wooden surface - letters from the IRS.

Video Tips: What You Should Know About Letters From the IRS

Tax season can be stressful, and receiving a letter from the IRS can send it into overdrive. But before you panic, take a deep breath and know this: most IRS letters are routine inquiries or updates about your tax return. This guide will demystify common IRS communications, helping you understand what they mean and how to respond without fear.

Why You Might Receive an IRS Letter

The IRS sends out millions of letters and notices each year for various reasons. These can include:

  • Missing information: The IRS might need additional information to process your return. This could be anything from a Social Security number to documentation for claimed deductions or credits.
  • Tax discrepancy: The IRS might have detected a discrepancy between your return and their records, such as income discrepancies or incorrect filing status.
  • Payment due: If you owe taxes, the IRS will send you a notice informing you of the amount and deadline for payment.
  • Account update: The IRS might need to inform you about changes to your account, such as a new address or phone number.
  • Verification of identity: To prevent fraud, the IRS may occasionally request documentation to verify your identity.

Identifying Scams

Before diving into the response process, remember: the IRS will never initiate contact via phone call or email. Scammers often use these tactics to pressure and extort money. If you receive such communication, ignore it and report it to the IRS.

Understanding Your IRS Letter

Each IRS letter has specific details you need to understand. These include:

  • Notice type: The letter will identify itself as a specific type of notice, such as a CP2000 (underreported income) or CP2000 (math error).
  • Reason for the notice: The letter will explain why you received it and what information the IRS needs.
  • Deadline for response: The letter will have a deadline for you to respond or take action.

Responding to Your IRS Letter

Here’s what to do when you receive an IRS letter:

  • Read the letter carefully: Understand the reason for the notice and the required action.
  • Gather your documents: Collect any documents mentioned in the letter, such as tax returns or receipts.
  • Meet the deadline: Respond to the IRS before the deadline. Failure to do so can result in penalties and interest charges.
  • Options for response: Depending on the type of notice, you may need to:
    • Submit additional information: Provide the requested documents to the IRS.
    • File an amended return: If you made a mistake on your original return, you can file an amended return to correct it.
    • Make a payment: If you owe taxes, you can make a payment online, by mail, or by phone.
    • Seek professional help: If the situation is complex or you’re unsure how to respond, consider consulting a tax professional.


Receiving an IRS letter doesn’t have to be a source of panic. By understanding the reasons behind these communications and knowing how to respond effectively, you can navigate the process calmly and efficiently. Remember, the IRS is there to ensure fair and accurate tax collection, and they are available to answer your questions and guide you through any issues you may have.

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