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Teenager discussing summer job earnings with dad - Teens Job Bonanza

Summer Job Bonanza: How Teens Can Earn Big and Save on Taxes

Summer is synonymous with freedom, relaxation, and maybe even a little boredom for teenagers. But it’s also the perfect time for them to gain valuable work experience and a financial boost! This year, thanks to a generous standard deduction increase, teens have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money from their summer jobs without owing any federal income tax.

Tax Benefits for Teenagers: A Summer Windfall

In 2024, the standard deduction for single individuals, which includes your teen if they’re not claimed as a dependent on your tax return, has risen to $14,600. This means your teen can earn up to this amount from their summer job and completely avoid paying federal income tax on those earnings.

Let’s break it down: Imagine your teen works throughout the summer, earning a total of $14,600. Since this amount falls under the standard deduction, they won’t owe any federal income tax on their hard-earned cash! This translates to more money in their pocket, which they can use for various purposes:

  • Saving for college or a future car: A summer job can be a fantastic springboard for long-term financial goals. By saving a portion of their earnings, your teen can develop a healthy saving habit and gain a sense of accomplishment as they watch their college fund or car down payment grow.
  • Building a wardrobe or buying gadgets: Let’s face it, teens love having the latest styles and tech. A summer job allows them to indulge their desires responsibly, understanding the value of their money and the effort it takes to earn it.
  • Contributing to family expenses: Some teens may choose to use their earnings to help out at home, fostering responsibility and a sense of contribution to the family unit.

Beyond the Money: The Value of Work Experience

While the tax benefits are certainly attractive, a summer job offers more than just financial gains. Here’s how your teen can benefit from the experience itself:

  • Developing workplace skills: From communication and teamwork to time management and problem-solving, a summer job provides a real-world environment for your teen to hone essential skills that will be valuable throughout their academic and professional lives.
  • Building a resume: Even a part-time summer job adds valuable experience to your teen’s resume. It demonstrates work ethic, initiative, and the ability to handle responsibilities, making them a more competitive candidate for future jobs or college applications.
  • Building confidence: The satisfaction of earning their own money and contributing to society can significantly boost your teen’s confidence and self-esteem. This newfound sense of accomplishment can translate into other areas of their life.

Tax Tips for Parents and Business Owners

The video included above dives deeper into some specific tax advantages. Here are some key takeaways for both parents and business owners:

  • Parents: If your teen is under 18, consider employing them in your own unincorporated business (if applicable). As the employer, you can deduct the wages you pay them as a business expense, offering a tax benefit for your family. Additionally, your teen wouldn’t be subject to Social Security taxes. However, it’s crucial to ensure their wages are reasonable for the work performed, as they must be considered a bona fide employee.
  • Business Owners: Hiring teenagers can be a win-win situation for both parties. You gain eager and potentially tech-savvy employees, while teens gain valuable experience. Remember, the wages paid to your child employee must be considered a reasonable expense for the work performed.

Important Note: Tax regulations can be complex. If your teen has additional income sources like interest or dividends, further tax considerations may come into play. For more details about these tax benefits and specific situations, it’s always recommended to consult with a qualified tax advisor.


Summer break is a fantastic opportunity for your teenager to explore the world of work, gain valuable experience, and earn some money. With the increased standard deduction in 2024, they can keep a significant portion of their earnings, setting them on the path to financial responsibility and achieving their goals. So, encourage your teen to embrace the summer job hunt, and watch them blossom as they enter the exciting world of work!

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