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The Tax-filing Deadline Is Drawing Near

Attention taxpayers! The deadline to file your 2022 tax return is fast approaching. This article will guide you through the essential tax deadlines for April 18th, 2023, and explain what actions to take to avoid penalties and ensure a smooth filing process.

Tax Filing Deadline (April 18th, 2023)

The standard due date to file your 2022 tax return or request an extension is April 18th, 2023. This applies even if you don’t reside in Washington D.C., due to the Emancipation Day holiday.

Exceptions Due to Disaster Relief

If you live in a federally declared disaster area, your filing deadline might be automatically extended. Check the IRS website for a complete list of qualified locations. For instance, taxpayers in parts of California, Alabama, and Georgia currently have an extended deadline until October 16th, 2023. Contact us to confirm your eligibility and inquire about state-specific disaster relief extensions.

Filing an Extension (Form 4868)

Need more time to file? You can request an extension using IRS Form 4868. While it’s called an “automatic” extension, there’s a crucial catch:

  • Estimated Tax Payment Required: The extension is only valid if you include a reasonable estimate of your 2022 tax liability and pay a portion of that amount along with the extension request. Entering zero as the estimated tax liability can lead to the IRS rejecting your extension.

Our firm can help you prepare a valid extension request to ensure a smooth filing process.

Important Filing Tips

  • Electronic Filing: Consider filing your extension electronically. We can handle this process for you before the deadline, ensuring a timely submission.
  • Mailing Extensions: If mailing your extension, ensure the envelope is postmarked on or before April 18th. However, mail delays can occur.
  • Minimize Risk: Mitigate potential late-filing penalties by using registered or certified mail for your extension.

Additional Deadlines to Remember (April 18th, 2023)

  • Balance Due Payments: Form 4868 grants an extension to file, not to pay. The IRS will assess late-payment penalties with interest on any outstanding balance. Estimate your balance and include payment with your extension request, or make a separate payment electronically.
  • IRA Contributions: The last day for 2022 contributions to Roth or Traditional IRAs is April 18th. An extension for filing doesn’t extend this deadline.
  • Estimated Tax Payments (2023): The first estimated tax payment for 2023 is also due on April 18th. Late payments can incur penalties.
  • 2019 Tax Return Refunds: The deadline to claim a refund for the 2019 tax year is April 18th. Missing this deadline means forfeiting potential refunds for credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

Disaster Relief and State Extensions

  • In case you reside in a disaster zone, these deadlines are postponed until October 16th.
  • Contact our team for assistance with filing for state extensions or to confirm your disaster relief eligibility. We’re here to help you navigate complex filing requirements.

Missing Information and Timely Filing

If your 2022 return is incomplete due to missing information, submit it to our office as soon as possible to meet the April 18th deadline. Delays can cause filing complications. If the information won’t be available by the deadline, let us know promptly to prepare an extension request.

Haven’t Filed Yet? We Can Help!

In conclusion, don’t wait until the last minute! Proactive planning is key to a smooth tax season. Our team is here to help, whether you’re ready to file your 2022 tax return accurately and on time, or require assistance with an extension request. Let us take the stress out of tax season – contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive expert guidance.

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