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Mobile phone displaying a November calendar - Individual due dates.

November 2022 Individual Due Dates

For many hard-working folks in the service industry, tips are a crucial part of the income puzzle. But did you know that those tips also come with a set of reporting requirements? If you’re a tipped employee in the United States, November 10th marks an important deadline – the day you report your October tip earnings to your employer.

But fear not, tipsters! This article is your one-stop guide to navigating the November 10th tip reporting process smoothly, ensuring you stay compliant and avoid any unwanted tax surprises down the line.

Why is Reporting Tips Important?

Uncle Sam wants to know about all your income, including those well-deserved tips. Reporting your tips allows the IRS to accurately assess your tax liability and ensure you pay your fair share. It also helps your employer calculate the proper amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA) to withhold from your regular wages.

Who Needs to Report Tips?

If you earned more than $20 in tips in October, you’re required to report them to your employer by November 10th. This applies to various service industry professions, including waiters, waitresses, bartenders, hairdressers, bellhops, delivery drivers, and many more.

How to Report Tips: The Form 4070

The official form for reporting tips is the IRS Form 4070, Employee’s Report of Tips to Employer. It’s a straightforward document where you’ll simply record your total tip earnings for the month of October. Your employer will likely provide you with copies of the form, or you can download it from the IRS website.

Tip Reporting Tips

  • Keep good records: Throughout the month, track your daily tip earnings in a notebook or dedicated app. This will make completing the Form 4070 much easier come November 10th.
  • Be accurate: Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to the IRS. Don’t underestimate your tips, as underreporting can lead to penalties down the line.
  • Don’t forget non-cash tips: Gifts, merchandise, or other non-cash gratuities also count as taxable income. Estimate their fair market value and include them in your total tip earnings.
  • Ask your employer: If you have any questions or uncertainties about the reporting process, don’t hesitate to ask your manager or payroll department. They’re there to help ensure you comply with the regulations.

What Happens After You Report?

Once you submit your Form 4070, your employer will withhold FICA and income taxes from your regular wages based on your reported tips. If your regular wages aren’t enough to cover the full amount of tax, your employer will report the remaining balance on your W-2 form. You’ll then be responsible for paying the outstanding taxes when you file your tax return.


  • Reporting your tips is a legal requirement, and failing to do so can lead to significant penalties.
  • Accurate and timely reporting helps you avoid tax headaches and ensures you receive the proper tax credits and deductions.
  • By following these tips and staying informed, you can navigate November 10th and the rest of your tax season with confidence.

Bonus Tip: Filing your tax return electronically can expedite the process and minimize errors. Talk to your accountant or tax advisor if you have any questions about filing your return with your reported tips.


By understanding the importance of November 10th tip reporting and following these simple steps, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free tax season. So, grab your Form 4070, report your tips accurately, and tip your hat to a financially secure future!

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