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March 2023

March 2023 Individual Due Dates

Ah, the world of tips! They can be a fantastic way to supplement your income, but with that extra cash comes a little extra responsibility – reporting them to your employer. This article will navigate you through the key dates for tipped employees, specifically focusing on tip reporting and the upcoming tax deadline.

Tip Reporting: The Basics

If you’re a tipped employee (think waiters, waitresses, bartenders, hair stylists, etc.), you’re legally required to report your tips to your employer. This helps ensure you pay the correct amount of taxes on your total income, including tips. Here’s a breakdown of the key things to know:

  • The Threshold: You only need to report tips if you receive more than $20 in tips in a month.
  • The Deadline: For most tipped employees, the deadline to report tips to your employer for the previous month is the 10th of the following month. So, for example, tips earned in February need to be reported by March 10th.

How to Report Tips

Your employer will likely have a preferred method for reporting tips. It could be a specific form (like IRS Form 4070), a digital system, or simply keeping a record of your daily tips that you share with your employer at the end of the pay period.

What Happens After You Report Tips?

Once you report your tips, your employer will withhold income tax and Social Security taxes from your regular paycheck. This ensures you’re paying taxes on all your earnings.

What if My Paycheck Isn’t Enough to Cover the Taxes?

In some cases, your regular wages might not be enough to cover all the taxes owed on your tips. If this happens, your employer will report the difference (the uncollected tax amount) on your W-2 form (Box 12). You’ll then be responsible for paying this uncollected tax when you file your tax return.

Tax Deadline Looming: Don’t Panic!

With the April tax deadline approaching, it’s a good time to get organized and plan for a smooth tax filing experience. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule an Appointment: The earlier you schedule a tax appointment with a professional, the better. This allows them ample time to gather and review your documents, ensuring an accurate and stress-free filing process.
  • Don’t Worry About Having Everything Upfront: Don’t let missing documents prevent you from scheduling an appointment. Your tax preparer will simply make a list of any missing items you can provide later.
  • Consider Extensions: If you think you might not meet the deadline, it’s still wise to prepare a preliminary return to estimate your tax liability. This allows you to make a partial payment and minimize any penalties and interest that might accrue. Your tax preparer can then file an extension for you.

Remember: By reporting your tips accurately and filing your taxes on time, you can avoid any unwanted surprises from the IRS.

Bonus Tip: Keeping good records of your daily tips throughout the year will make the reporting and filing process much easier come tax season.

We hope this information helps! If you have any further questions about tip reporting or tax filing for tipped employees, feel free to reach out to our team.

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