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Looking Ahead To 2023 Taxes

As the holiday season fades and we embrace a new year, it’s time to shift our focus to the upcoming tax season. Filing taxes for 2023, which happens in 2024, requires staying informed about the latest changes that can impact your bottom line. From adjustments to standard deductions and retirement contributions to the introduction of new credits, understanding these shifts is crucial for maximizing your tax benefits and minimizing liabilities. Additionally, with the possibility of retroactive extensions and new legislation, staying ahead of the curve is key.

Key Changes to Navigate for Your 2023 Tax Return

1. Revived Solar Energy Credit

Good news for homeowners embracing solar power! The Inflation Reduction Act extended the solar energy credit through 2032 at 30%, offering a significant financial incentive for installing a solar electric system on your primary or secondary residence. Remember, this credit is non-refundable and can be carried forward to future years if it exceeds your tax liability.

2. Home Backup Battery Now Eligible

Facing frequent power outages? The Inflation Reduction Act clarified that home backup battery storage technology qualifies for the solar energy credit for expenses incurred after December 31, 2022. This opens doors for additional savings when paired with a solar system.

3. Enhanced Home Energy Improvement Credit

Upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and reap the rewards! The revamped Home Energy Improvement Credit boasts increased annual caps and credit rates. Gone is the $500 lifetime limit, replaced by a $1,200 annual cap and a credit rate jump from 10% to 30% for specific energy-saving improvements.

4. Research Credit Boost for New Businesses

Starting a business? The Inflation Reduction Act bolsters the Research Credit for new ventures with under $5 million in gross receipts. This credit can now be used to offset the employer’s share of employees’ FICA withholding, providing valuable financial support for early-stage businesses.

5. Clean Vehicle Credit Overhaul

The plug-in electric vehicle credit has undergone a significant makeover, with revised criteria, price limitations, and income thresholds. Be sure to research these changes to see if you qualify for the new Clean Vehicle Credit.

6. Inflation-Adjusted Amounts

Several tax thresholds have been adjusted for inflation in 2023, impacting standard deductions, retirement contributions, and more. This translates to expanded opportunities for taxpayers to optimize their financial planning and potentially reduce their tax burden.


  • Stay Vigilant: Tax laws can change late in the year, so staying informed throughout 2024 is crucial.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: Navigating complex tax regulations can be challenging. Consider consulting a tax professional to develop personalized strategies tailored to your unique situation.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask: Have questions or need help understanding the impact of these changes on your 2023 taxes? Contact our office for personalized guidance and tax planning assistance.

By staying informed, being proactive, and taking advantage of available credits, deductions, and adjustments, you can make the most of your 2023 tax return and ensure compliance with the evolving tax landscape.

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