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A visual representation of the month of December 2023, with a grid of seven columns representing days of the week and five rows representing weeks - tax deadlines

December 2023 Tax Deadlines for Individuals: Stay Informed, Take Proactive Steps

As the year draws to a close, the looming tax deadlines and year-end tax planning considerations can create a sense of urgency. However, with careful planning and a clear understanding of key deadlines, you can effectively manage your tax affairs and minimize your potential tax burden. Here’s a comprehensive guide to essential reminders and approaching tax deadlines for 2023 to help you navigate the end-of-year tax planning process with ease.

December 1: Initiate Year-End Tax Planning

December marks the beginning of the year-end tax planning season. It’s an opportune time to review your financial situation and identify potential tax-saving opportunities. If you’ve experienced significant changes in income, marital status, or dependent status, or if you’ve sold property during the year, consulting with a tax advisor is highly recommended.

December 11: Report Tips to Employer

Employees who receive more than $20 in tips during November must report those tips to their employer on IRS Form 4070 by December 11. Employers are responsible for withholding FICA and income taxes from these tips. If regular wages are insufficient to cover withholding, the employer will report the uncollected amount on the employee’s W-2, requiring payment during tax filing.

December 31: Mandatory IRA Withdrawals

Individuals born before January 1, 1952, must withdraw funds from their Traditional IRA account by December 31 to avoid a penalty. Those born between January 1, 1951, and December 31, 1951, can delay their first distribution until April 1, 2024. If your IRA custodian is closed on December 31, arrange for the withdrawal beforehand.

December 31: Pay Deductible Expenses

The last day to pay deductible expenses for the 2023 tax return falls on December 31. This includes charitable contributions, medical expenses, and state and local taxes. However, IRA, SEP, or Keogh contributions can be made after December 31.

December 31: Caution! Last Day of the Year

Considering the potential challenges posed by the 31st falling on a Sunday, it’s advisable to complete any necessary actions before this date. Financial institutions may also have reduced hours on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th. Taking proactive measures ensures that your financial tasks are completed seamlessly, even if institutions observe closures.

Weekends, Holidays, and Disaster Area Extensions

If a due date falls on a weekend, holiday, or legal holiday, it extends to the next business day. Additionally, disaster area extensions may apply in certain situations. Check FEMA and IRS websites for updates.

Conclusion: Navigating Tax Deadlines with Confidence

As the year-end approaches, staying informed about tax deadlines and taking proactive measures can help you navigate the tax planning process with confidence. By understanding key deadlines, gathering your documents, and organizing your records, you can effectively manage your tax affairs, minimize your tax burden, and avoid potential penalties.

Remember, seeking professional guidance from a tax advisor can be invaluable in ensuring you’re taking advantage of all available tax benefits and making informed decisions that align with your specific financial situation.

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