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Your Annual Reminder To File Worker 1099S

As a new fiscal year dawns, staying informed about tax regulations is crucial for any business owner. Among the essential documents demanding attention is Form 1099-NEC, particularly for businesses engaging non-employee workers. This article dives into the nuances of 1099-NEC compliance, exploring its implications for businesses and landlords alike, helping you stay compliant and avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Understanding Form 1099-NEC

  • Who needs to file: If your business compensates individuals outside your payroll with $600 or more annually, the IRS mandates issuing them a 1099-NEC by year-end. This includes independent contractors, freelancers, and vendors.
  • Consequences of non-compliance: Skipping this crucial step can lead to lost deductions for labor and expenses, impacting your finances. Don’t miss the January 31, 2023 deadline for providing 1099s to workers for the 2022 tax year.

Landlords and the 20% Pass-Through Deduction

Landlords seeking the 20% pass-through deduction (Sec. 199A deduction) should pay close attention. The IRS now recommends reporting payments to independent contractor service providers using Form 1099-NEC to qualify for this deduction. While previously not required for rental activities, it’s now crucial for those aiming to be categorized as a trade or business.

Proactive Measures: The Power of Form W-9

Preventing compliance headaches starts with proactive management. Encourage vendors, contractors, and service providers to complete and sign IRS Form W-9 before any work begins. This form gathers essential information like their name, address, business entity type, and Tax Identification Number (TIN). This simple step safeguards you from IRS penalties and inaccurate information on 1099-NECs.

Simplifying Form W-9

Consider Form W-9 as your key to streamlining 1099 reporting. It captures details like the individual’s name, address, TIN (Social Security number or Employer Identification Number), and certifications regarding ID number and citizenship status. Having potential vendors and contractors complete Form W-9 upfront saves time and minimizes filing risks.

Important Note: Remember that household workers are considered employees and exempt from 1099-NEC requirements. Seek additional guidance if you employ household workers to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Filing Deadlines and Avoiding Penalties

Timely submission is key! Submit government copies of 1099-NECs to the IRS by January 31, 2023. Late filing penalties can range from $50 to $290 per form, making adherence to this deadline crucial.

Streamlining with Electronic Filing and Expert Assistance

Filing electronically or using specialized optically scannable forms ensures smooth compliance. Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance for assistance or questions regarding 1099-NEC filing. We offer support to make the process easier, including a convenient 1099-NEC worksheet. Additionally, encourage all non-employee workers or service providers to complete a Form W-9 for the current tax year.


Navigating the complexities of tax regulations can feel overwhelming. However, understanding and diligently following Form 1099-NEC requirements safeguards your business from penalties and fosters a positive relationship with the IRS. By taking proactive steps like collecting completed Form W-9s and adhering to filing deadlines, you can enter the new fiscal year with confidence. Remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

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