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August 2023 Business Due Dates

August 2023 Business Due Dates

Don’t let summer heatwave scorch your tax compliance! August brings critical deadlines for employers regarding Social Security, Medicare, and income tax filings. Meeting these deadlines ensures you avoid penalties and stay on top of your tax obligations. This guide explores key August 2023 tax deadlines for businesses.

File Form 941 by August 10th

The second quarter of 2023 wraps up, and employers need to file Form 941. This form reports employee wages and taxes withheld from their paychecks. Crucially, this August 10th deadline applies only if you’ve deposited taxes for the entire quarter on time. Missing it can incur penalties. Ensure timely submission by marking your calendar.

Deposit Taxes by August 15th

For businesses following the monthly deposit rule, August 15th is the deadline to deposit Social Security, Medicare, and withheld income taxes for July payments. Timely deposits are essential to avoid penalties and interest charges. Stay organized for prompt payments.

Don’t Forget Nonpayroll Withholding

If subject to the monthly deposit rule, remember to deposit nonpayroll withholding taxes by August 15th for July payments. This includes taxes withheld from payments like commissions or royalties. Stay vigilant and include all applicable taxes for IRS compliance.

Weekend and Holiday Adjustments

Tax deadlines falling on weekends, Sundays, or holidays are automatically extended to the next business day. This ensures you have ample time to fulfill your obligations without penalties. Be aware of these adjustments to avoid missing deadlines.

Disaster Relief Extensions

Tax deadlines may be extended in declared disaster areas. Stay informed about IRS and FEMA announcements regarding disaster declarations and filing extensions. Visit their websites for details on designated areas and extended deadlines. These extensions offer valuable time for managing tax responsibilities during challenging circumstances.

For instance, taxpayers in disaster-stricken areas like parts of California, Alabama, and Georgia, received an extension until October 16, 2023, to file various federal tax returns and make payments. This extension provides relief to those facing unforeseen difficulties.

Stay Proactive, Stay Compliant

As August approaches, be proactive with your tax obligations. Mark deadlines on your calendar and utilize available resources to stay informed about potential extensions or regulation changes. Maintaining tax compliance is vital for avoiding penalties and ensuring your business’s financial stability.


Tax deadlines can appear overwhelming, but with proper planning and knowledge, you can stay ahead. August presents key deadlines for Social Security, Medicare, and income tax filings. By staying organized, utilizing extensions when necessary, and remaining informed, you can navigate these obligations with confidence. Stay compliant, stay informed, and keep your business on the path to success!

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